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onMouseUp = myJavaScriptCode

Event handler for Button, Document, Link

The onMouseUp event handler is used to execute specified JavaScript code whenever the user releases the mouse button. It uses the following properties of the Event object:
type - indicates the type of event.
target - indicates the target object to which the event was sent.
layerx, layerY, pageX, pageY, screenX, screenY
   indicate the cursor position at the time of the MouseUp event.
which - represents 1 for a left-mouse-button up, and 3 for a right-mouse-button    up.
modifiers - indicates any modifier keys held down when the MouseUp event    occurred.


<P>Click on <B><A onMouseUp="changeColor()"> green</A></B> to change background color.</P>

For example, with this code, the user can click on the word 'green' to alter the background color to green. Releasing the mouse calls the 'changeColor' function to do this:

<P>Go to <A href="lostLink.html" onMouseUp="myAlert()">MyLink</a>.

When an OnMouseUp returns false, such as over an armed link (a MouseDown over a link causes it to become armed), the default action is canceled. This also happens with a MouseUp over an unarmed link. To illustrate this, this example assumes that a particular link 'lostLink' is no longer available, so when the user clicks on that link, the release of the mouse button calls the 'myAlert' function and causes the link not to be triggered.

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