The primary goal of DevGuru is to gather into a single Web site all the reference, learning, and component resources that are required by professional ASP developers on a daily basis. In doing so we hope to foster an active community of interested individuals and corporations that will help us develop DevGuru into the extensive resource that we all need.
If you would like to become a part of this growing community by contributing some of your own original material to the site, here's how to go about it:
Having decided on a topic, you should confirm that it is not already documented on the site. You can use the Search page to search the entire site for related material.
Next, you should decide on the type of the article.
DevGuru is currently looking for two types of articles:

  • Knowledge Base articles. These are usually very brief tips and tricks and can range from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Tutorials. These are more extensive articles aimed at introducing developers to more complex ideas. They usually step the reader through the construction of a working example.

Having decided on a topic and the type of article you wish to author, we request you to send us an email at and let us know about your intended article. We'll give you feedback on the appropriateness of your topic and can make suggestions about how to structure it and possibly even provide some content. We will also inform you if we are aware of any other contributor currently working on a similar article.
Finally, when you're ready to submit your article, you can email it to us at in any popular format such as Microsoft Word, ASCII, HTML or RTF.
The Guru reserves the right to edit all submitted material and to determine if the submission is suitable for display on the DevGuru Web site. During the editing and acceptance process, the Guru prefers to work closely with our authors.
As you hopefully have noted, there is a certain "look" to the DevGuru Web site. All new material, especially any gifs and images associated with your article, must fit into the site appearance. It will be the responsibility of our designers to format the content into the appropriate site templates.
Your name will be featured with your article. (Yes, this will look good on a resume!) Also, a paragraph describing your new article will be displayed on the main homepage of DevGuru for several weeks immediately following its publication.
We do not pay for submissions.
Once you have submitted an article to DevGuru and it has been accepted, we reserve the right to display the material for as long as we wish. Basically, our policy is not to remove any reference material from display unless it has become dated.
As author, you will retain both the intellectual property and the copyright to your original material. However, we ask that you grant DevGuru the right to copyright the material as it appears in context on the DevGuru Web site. This will prevent the material from being lifted from the site and used in an improper manner.