Knowledge Base Articles

Article   Description
KB100234   Defining XML Character Space.
KB100233   Preventing HTTP 400 Bad Request Errors.
KB100231   Determining which key was pressed on a keydown event.
KB100225   CSS Style Sheets Alternatives to Deprecated HTML Tags.
KB100223   Client-side Form Verification in JavaScript.
KB100222   When to Use Parentheses with a Subroutine or Function in VB/VBA/VBScript.
KB100220   Preventing Users from Re-submitting a Form. (Opens in new window)
KB100219   SQL Wild Cards, ADO and Microsoft Access.
KB100218   Place Your Own Icon in the IE Address Bar Window Using favicon.ico.
KB100217   Response.Write Statements DO NOT Show Up Under IIS 5.
KB100216   Adding ToolTips to Your HTML Pages.
KB100215   Using a Browser to Upload a File to a Web Server.
KB100214   Handling Form Submissions in Client-side Script.
KB100213   Implementing Multi-dimensional Arrays in JavaScript.
KB100212   How to Disable Form Elements in an HTML Page.
KB100211   Using HTML Character Entities to Prevent Tags Being Interpreted by the Browser.
KB100210   Referencing Windows in JavaScript.
KB100209   Dynamically Altering the Contents of an HTML Select List.
KB100208   Shedding Light on the JavaScript Special Values null and undefined.
KB100207   How to Evaluate a VBScript Expression at Run Time.
KB100206   SQL Queries and the Single Quotation Symbol Problem.
KB100205   Dynamically altering the mouse icon in Internet Explorer.
KB100204   ASP Pages Hot Off the Server: Prevent Cached Pages from Loading.
KB100203   Modal Dialog Box for MS Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4.
KB100202   Controlling Web Applications Using the Global.asa File.
KB100200   In Netscape, the Method: Does Not Resize the Window.
KB100199   When Sending Email Through ASP You Get a "Permission Denied" Error.