The DevGuru Resume Of Qualifications

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The DevGuru method
Summary of qualifications
Accomplishments in product development
Accomplishments in website development
Accomplishments in design and conceptualization
Accomplishments in application development



Provide the highest quality software and web development, on time, and on budget. The DevGuru team of developers has been thoroughly trained in:


Our developers use a rigorous and structured programming environment that ensures, from pre-planning, to coding, to testing, and on to the final product, that our code does precisely what you expect it to do. We can meet your specialized needs.

We pre-plan our coding effort. Our staff will work one-on-one with your staff to define and document your needs and goals before a single line of code is written.

All of our code is peer reviewed. You can count on the fact that DevGuru code is clear, logical, efficient, and correct.

You can also count on the fact that all of our code is tested exhaustively, in the environment in which it will be used.

We continually train our staff on current and new technologies. Our staff not only knows these technologies, but they created the DevGuru website that is devoted to teaching these technologies.

DevGuru has a large library of proven subroutines and components. Indeed, our staff has authored the DevGuru line of component products that are used around the world.

The time and cost of your project will be reduced considerably because the DevGuru team uses the same components and libraries that we sell to other developers. This reduces the amount of code that has to be written.



Our developers at DevGuru have degrees in Computer Science; most have either a Masters or PhD.

Technical Expertise
ADO, ASP, C, C++, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Oracle, PERL, SQL, Visual Basic, VBScript, VBA, XHTML, XML. Microsoft MCSE Certification.


A developer's resource on the Web featuring comprehensive quick references for current technologies, free online tutorials and product demos, and useful products

Association & Event Management Software
This software manages every detail of an event or association, from participant databases, registration and floor planning to accounting, correspondents, and reporting, using a secure, intuitive browser-based interface. The entire system can be accessed over the Internet.

Developed for the U.S. Postal Service, MARIA is an international mail loss tracking system that has been implemented as a Java application, a Web-based application with a SQL Server database, and a desktop application running off Microsoft Access.

Medcast is a groundbreaking project developed for Healtheon/WebMD that provides up-to-the-minute medical news, customized to a doctor's needs, delivered over the Internet to the doctor's computer using proprietary software.
This is an Internet-based venue booking system, now being co-operated by Pollstar. is the premier event booking web site on the Internet. This system allows venue managers and booking agents to create online calendars for their venues and tour schedules. Booking agents can search for open venue dates, request available dates and book dates for their clients via this web site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Matchmaker© Marketplace Appointment Scheduling System
The Matchmaker© System is used during International Business Marketplace events to schedule business appointments between buyers and sellers of products and services. Not only is this software Internet capable, but it was designed for the Internet from the ground up.

HGTV Grass Car Races
This is an Internet-based computer game designed for Home and Garden Television. This product was also used to attract attention at Home and Garden shows around the country. ISSI modified riding lawn mowers so that they could replace the mouse and joystick as the game controls. Contestants would sit on the mowers and race to see who could get the highest score from mowing the simulated grass on the big screen in front of them.

Forex Software
Forex is an Internet-based foreign currency exchange network for travel agencies. Travel agents use this web site to buy foreign currency to resell to their clients.

CDConnects was the first product on the market to allow Internet connection and file transfer to and from CD-Rom based software. This product was used by NBC and IBM to transfer current event standings back to the Olympic Viewer's Guide during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Living Home, Mac World, and Blender magazines also used this product.

ISP Installer/Registration Program
This program is an Internet Service Provider installation and registration system developed for MCI, Concentric, and Southwest Airlines. The software was one of the first registration systems to allow the prospective ISP member to complete the signup process and get authorization on-line without human intervention.

Internet Browser
ISSI developed a Macintosh and Windows Internet browser for Toyota that was used as a promotional item during 1995 and 1996. At the time, this browser had more features and capabilities than any other browser on the market (including HTML 3.2) including Animated GIFs, Netscape plug-in compatibility, and Table Support.

Health Education Series

  • Mac Nutrition (A Nutrition Education System for Health Education Centers)
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness (A Drug & Alcohol Education System for Health Education Centers)
  • Sexual Awareness (A Human Sexuality and STD Education System Levi Strauss)




  • MasterCraft — First Place Addy
  • Home & Garden Television — Second Place Addy
  • Caribbean Hotel Association
  • Metallica — Rolling Stone Magazine called the Metallica web site "The site that sets the standards for others to follow"



  • Creative Design and Development of "ON" — Michael Milken/Hamilton Jordan
  • Multi-media Cybercards — Media Group/Reebok
  • Multi-media presentation system — Educational Concepts
  • Designed Distance Learning Network — IBM Federal System Group — Battelle
  • Presentation & Conceptualization of Tourist Industry Development — Government of Panama
  • Design and Presentation of Distance Learning System — United States Department of Energy — BDM



  • Design and Developed Powerwall Software — Whittle Communications and Philips Consumer Electronics (KID)
  • Portable Multi-media presentation system — Icon
  • Interactive Channel One Sales Presentation — Whittle Communication - Levi Strauss
  • Dolly Parton Fan Club System — Dolly Parton
  • Marketing Information System — Global Stone Corporation
  • Flooding Level Model — Savannah River K Reactor — Westinghouse
  • Radiation Model — Savannah River K Reactor — Westinghouse
  • Cooling Tower System — Tennessee Eastman Kodak
  • Marketplace Scheduling System — American Bus Association/ Caribbean Hotel Association
  • Contract and Price List Information System — Health Care Distributors
  • Fan Club Information System — Metallica
  • Order Entry System — Tennessee Luttrell
  • Patient Information System — Duke University
  • Statistical Analysis Software for Allergy & Immunology — Duke University
  • Database Bankruptcy System — F.D.I.C Investigations
  • Commissions Module — Exterior Materials
  • Statistical Package — Union Carbide Films Packaging Division
  • Customer Care Information Package — United States Cellular
  • State of Tennessee Trauma Registry System — State of Tennessee
  • Organ Transplant Registry Program — University of Tennessee Hospital
  • Unclaimed Property System — First Tennessee Bank
  • Impaired Driving Simulation — The Weller Center — McDonalds
  • Patient Information System — Vanderbilt Hospital
  • Construction Job Cost System — R.H. Sinclair
  • Scheduling System — Caribbean Hotel Association
  • Receipting Package — Vision Foundation
  • Automated Registration System — American Bus Association
  • Radiation Analysis System — SAIC
  • Interactive Web Program Schedule — HGTV
  • Bulletin Board/Forum HGTV/Metallica
  • HGTV Live and Online — Web Simulcast with HGTV Broadcast