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This table lists seven proprietary XSLT elements created by Microsoft for some of its implementations of the XSLT technology. These are not part of the W3C XSLT standard.


Creates and adds a new CDATA section which allows you to use markup elements without violating the XML well-formed requirements.


Defines a new set of templates.


Creates and adds an entity reference node.


Evaluates a script expression and generates a string that can appear in the output.


Adds the current node name to output.


Generates a processing instruction in the output.

xsl:script , msxsl:script

Creates a scripting area in a template in which you can declare global variables and define functions. msxsl:script is used by the latest Microsoft XML implementation (version 3.0). It is a child of the xsl:stylesheet element and has two attributes: language which defines the scripting language(the default is JScript) and implementation-prefix which declares the associated namespace.

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