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xtlRuntime.formatDate(varDate, bstrFormat, varDestLocale)
This is the formatting to be applied. The date can be formatted using the codes in the bstrFormat Codes table.
The 'varDestLocale' parameter specifies the Locale to use in determining the sequence in which the date elements are to be supplied; if none is specified, then the sequence is month-day-year.
This is the date to be formatted.

This method formats the supplied date using the specified formatting options.

bstrFormat Codes

  • m
    months as 1-12
  • mm
    months as 01-12
  • mmm
    months as Jan-Dec
  • mmmm
    months as January-December
  • mmmmm
    months as the first letter of the month
  • d
    days as 1-31
  • dd
    days as 01-31
  • ddd
    days as Sun-Sat
  • dddd
    days as Sunday-Saturday
  • yy
    years as 00-99
  • yyyy
    years as 1900-9999