VBScript » RegExp » Replace

Version: 5.0

object.Replace (String1, String2)

The Replace method is used to replace text in a regular expression search. It can only be used with a RegExp object variable.

Do not confuse this method with the Replace function.

The search string pattern is declared using the Pattern property. You can use the Global property to limit the search to the first occurrence of a match, or all occurrences.

There are two mandatory arguments. If the search string pattern is found in one or more occurrences inside the string designated by the String1 argument, then, as set by the Global property, the first or all occurrences of the search string pattern will be replaced with the String2 argument.

Dim RegX
Set RegX = NEW RegExp
Dim MyString, SearchPattern, ReplacedText
MyString = "Ocelots make good pets."
SearchPattern = "good"
ReplaceString = "bad"
RegX.Pattern = SearchPattern
RegX.Global = True
ReplacedText = RegX.Replace(MyString, ReplaceString)
"Ocelots make bad pets."