VBScript » RegExp » Execute

Version: 5.0

object.Execute (TargetString)

The Execute method is used with a RegExp object variable to look for a search string pattern (also known as a regular expression) inside a target string.

There is one mandatory argument, the target string to be searched. The search string pattern (regular expression) is declared using the Pattern property.

Each time a match is made (i.e., the search pattern is found inside the target string), a Match object is created and added to a Matches collection. Note that a match does not have to occur. Therefore the Execute method can return a Matches collection that is empty, or that contains one or more, objects.

'this sub finds the matches
Sub RegExpTest(strMatchPattern, strPhrase)
'create variables
Dim objRegEx, Match, Matches, StrReturnStr
'create instance of RegExp object
Set objRegEx = New RegExp
'set the pattern
objRegEx.Pattern = strMatchPattern
'create the collection of matches
Set Matches = objRegEx.Execute(strPhrase)
'print out all matches
For Each Match in Matches
strReturnStr = "Match found at position "
strReturnStr = strReturnStr & Match.FirstIndex & ". Match Value is `"
strReturnStr = strReturnStr & Match.value & "'."
Response.Write(strReturnStr & "<BR>")
End Sub
'call the subroutine
RegExpTest "is.", "Is1 is2 Is3 is4"
Match found at position 4. Match Value is `is2'.