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Version: 2.0

Date And Time Constants

You may use either the CONSTANT (left column) or the VALUE (center column) in your code and get the same results.

VBSunday 1 Sunday
VBMonday 2 Monday
VBTuesday 3 Tuesday
VBWednesday 4 Wednesday
VBThursday 5 Thursday
VBFriday 6 Friday
VBSaturday 7 Saturday
VBFirstJan1 1 Week of January 1
VBFirstFourDays 2 First week of the year that has at least four days
VBFirstFullWeek 3 First full week of the year
VBUseSystem 0 Use the date format of the computer's regional setting
VBUseSystemDayOfWeek 0 Use the first day of the week defined by system settings

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