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Version: 2.0, 3.2

Compability: Explorer 4, 5  Netscape 4, 6

<menu> ... </menu>

The <menu> element is deprecated in HTML 4.01.

The <menu> tag is officially deprecated effective with HTML 4.0. Instead, you are now to use the unordered list ul tag. However, this tag remains in minor use on the Internet and is still recognized by all major browsers.

The menu tag is used to create an unordered list. The concept was that the items in the list were expected to be single words or very short phrases which fit on a single line, rather than large blocks of text.
In fact, this tag is simply a specialized unordered list. The menu tag must be used with the li tag which places a bullet (a circle, disc, or square) before each line of text just like it does for the ul tag. You can create a nested (indented) directory list by placing menu tags between another opening and closing pair of menu tags. In some browsers, the bullet becomes a circle for the nested list.
In most browsers, a paragraph break occurs before and after the list.
The closing tag is mandatory.


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