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Version: Level 2

Compability: Currently not supported by any browser.

outline-width : thin | medium | thick | length
The thin value creates a thin width outline.
The thick value creates a thick width outline.
The medium value creates a medium width outline.
The length value specifies the width of the outline and can be in any of the following seven units. Use the abbreviation.
Length Abbrev.
centimeters cm
ems em
inches in
millimeters mm
picas pc
pixels px
points pt

The outline-width property sets the physical width of the outline. This property is not inherited.

An outline is a line drawn around an element with the purpose of making that element stand out (i.e., become more noticeable on a page). You can set the color, style, and width of the line. The outline is drawn outside of the border edge of the element. Therefore, an element can have both a border and an outline. Unlike a border, an outline does not have to have a rectangular shape.


 outline-color: orange
 outline-style: solid
 outline-width: medium
Language(s): CSS2

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