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Version: Level 1

Compability: IE4+  N6

list-style-image : url("urladdress") | none
The default none value indicates that no image will be displayed. This is primarily used to turn off a previously selected image so that it will not be reused in another listing.
The url("urladdress") value gives the address where the image is stored. You must enclose the url address inside a pair of parentheses and within a pair of quotes.

The list-style-image property is used to provide the location of an image that is used as a marker in a list. This property only applies to elements with display values of list-item. This property is inherited.


ul.out { list-style-position: outside; list-style-image: url("/images/ie.gif"); }
<ul class="out">
<li> ADO
<li> ASP
<li> Jet SQL
<li> WSH
  • ADO
  • ASP
  • Jet SQL
  • WSH
Language(s): CSS2

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