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Version: Level 2

Compability: Currently not supported by any browser.

font-size-adjust : none | number
The number value assigns the same aspect value to all fonts in the list.
The none value allows each font to keep its own aspect value.

The font-size-adjust property is used to assign the same aspect value for all of the fonts types assigned to an element. This property is inherited.

Using such properties as font and font-family, you can create a prioritized listing of font types (arial, courier, etc.) that can be assigned to an element. When an .asp or .html page is to be displayed on a Web site, the browser will consider each typeface value in the list in turn and will use the first value that it recognizes.
When dealing with small font sizes, some fonts are easier to read than others. How easy it will be to read a small font is determined quantitatively by the font's aspect value, which is simply the ratio of the height of the lower case letter x over the height of the font size. A font with an aspect value of .58, such as Verdana, will be much easier to read at small sizes than a font with an aspect value of .28, such as Flemish Script.
The font-size-adjust property forces all of the fonts in the list to have the same aspect value. Therefore, regardless of which font is selected from the list, at small sizes it will be just as readable as any other font in the list.


p {font-family: arial, courier; font-size-adjust: none;}
p {font-family: verdana, courier; font-size-adjust: .56;}
Language(s): CSS2

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