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Version: Level 2

Compability: Currently not supported by any browser.

caption-side : bottom | left | right | top
The top value places a caption box above the table.
The right value places a caption box on the right side of the table.
The left value places a caption box on the left side of the table.
The bottom value places a caption box below the table.

The caption-side property specifies if the caption box will be on the bottom, left, right, or top of a table. This property is designed to be used with the HTML caption tag. This property is inherited.

It is recommended that special consideration be paid to the width of the table when using a left or right sided caption box. You can vertically align a left or right side caption box to a table by using the vertical-align property with the bottom, middle, or top values.
This is one of five Level 2 properties that specifically applies style to tables. The other four are border-collapse, border-spacing, empty-cells, and table-layout.


 caption-side: top;
 width: auto;
 text-align: left;
Language(s): CSS2

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