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Version: Level 2

Compability: IE5+  N6+

@import url(address) media-type, ... ;

The @import at-rule allows you to designate an external style sheet file to be used with an HTML document.

The syntax for an at-rule is an @ symbol, followed immediately by an unique identifier, which in turn is followed by the block which contains content that is applied on a document level. The block syntax is either:

  • all content contained between a pair of curly brackets,
  • or is all content contained between the unique identifier and a semi-colon.
There are five at-rules: @charset, @font-face, @import. @media, and @page.
The mandatory url(address) component is the url address of the external style sheet file. The opening and closing parentheses are required.
The optional media-type component is a list of zero or more media types which are deliniated (separated) by commas. Some of the permitted values are:
  • all - the default.
  • aural - speech synthesizers.
  • braille - braille tactile feedback devices.
  • embossed - paged braille printers.
  • handheld - handheld devices.
  • print - printed paged and print preview.
  • projection - projectors or print to transparencies.
  • screen - color computer screens.
  • tty - teletypes.
  • tv - television-type devices.
This file has the same CSS style rules as the DevGuru site.


<title>@media test</title>
<style type="text/css">
@import url(http://www.devguru.com/include/STYLERULES.css);
I love <a href="http://www.devguru.com">DevGuru</a>!

This file has the same CSS style rules as the DevGuru site.

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