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Version: Level 1

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The first-child pseudo-class is used to apply style to the first element, called the first-child element, that is contained inside a specific parent element.

A pseudo-class is assigned to a selector via following syntax:
selector:pseudo-class { property: value; ...; }
A pseudo-class can also be used with the value assigned as a class to a selector:
selector.class:pseudo-class { property: value; ...; }


<title>first-child test</title>
<style type="text/css">
p:first-child {color: orange;}
I love <b>DevGuru</b> more than I love <i>ice cream</i>!
I love DevGuru more than I love ice cream!

In this example, the first-child element are the pair of opening and closing bold tags that enclose DevGuru. This is simulated output.

Language(s): CSS2

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