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Version: 2.5

streamobject.LineSeparator = LineSeparatorsEnum
LineSeparatorsEnun = streamobject.LineSeparator

Sets or returns a LineSeparatorEnum value that specifies which binary character to use as the line separator in a text Stream object.

The LineSeparator property sets or returns a LineSeparatorEnum constant that dictates which type of line separator character will be used when reading the text data of a Stream. If you try to use this property with binary data, nothing will happen.

The three choices are carriage return, line feed, or the default which is both a carriage return and a line feed.
LineSeparatorEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adCR 13 Carriage return only
adCRLF -1 Default, both a carriage return and a line feed
adLF 10 Line feed only


objStream.LineSeparator = adLF

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