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Boolean = recordsetobject.Supports (CursorOptions)
The CursorOptions parameter is a long expression that is composed of one or more CursorOptionEnum constants. There is no default value. These values can be joined together in this parameter using a Boolean logic operator such as an OR.

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether or not a Recordset object willsupport a specific type of functionality.

The Supports method returns a Boolean value that indicates whether or not the specified functionality will be supported by the Recordset object. A return of True means that the functionality is supported. While False means that the functionality is not supported.

The Recordset object that you have opened, and the provider that you are working with, simply may not support using all of the various events, methods, and properties that are potentially available to the Recordset object. Further, even if a True is returned by this method, the provider still may not support the functionality under all possible circumstances.

There is one mandatory parameter.

CursorOptionEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adAddNew 0x1000400 Supports AddNew method
adApproxPosition 0x4000 Supports AbsolutePosition and AbsolutePage properties
adBookmark 0x2000 Supports Bookmark property
adDelete 0x1000800 Supports Delete method
adFind 0x80000 Supports Find method
adHoldRecords 0x100 Supports retrieving more records or changing the position without having to save pending changes
adIndex 0x100000 Supports Index property
adMovePrevious 0x200 Supports GetRows, Move, MoveFirst, and MoveLast methods
adNotify 0x40000 Supports events
adResync 0x20000 Supports Resync method
adSeek 0x200000 Supports Seek method
adUpdate 0x1008000 Supports Update method
adUpdateBatch 0x10000 Supports UpdateBatch and CancelBatch methods


If objRecordset.Supports(adIndex) Then
   objRecordset.Index = "addressIndex"
End If

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