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Boolean = recordsetobject.StayInSync
recordsetobject.StayInSync = Boolean

For a hierarchical Recordset object, sets or returns a Boolean value defining whether the reference to the underlying child record, called the chapter, needs updating.

The StayInSync property only applies to hierarchical Recordset objects. A hierarchical Recordset object contains another Recordset object that is refered to as a child Recordset. To further confuse the concept, the child is also refered to as a chapter. This property sets or returns a Boolean value that indicates whether or not references to the child Recordset objects are automatically keptp in synchronization as you navigate through the parent Recordset.

The default is True which causes the reference to the child to be updated as you move through the parent. In other words, the child is kept synchronized with the parent. If False, the reference is not updated and synchronization does not occur.


rsGuruChants.StayInSync = False

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