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RecordStatusEnum = recordsetobject.Status

Returns a sum of one or more RecordStatusEnum values describing the status of the current record.

The Status property returns one or more of the RecordStatusEnum constants that describe the status of the current record when it is subject to batch operations such as CancelBatch, Resync, or UpdateBatch.

You can use this property to determine if an operation performed on a particular record failed or succeeded.

RecordStatusEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adRecCanceled 0x100 Operation canceled and record not saved
adRecCantRelease 0x400 Cannot save new record because existing record is locked
adRecConcurrencyViolation 0x800 Optimistic concurrency in effect, record not saved
adRecDBDeleted 0x40000 Record has already been deleted
adRecDeleted 0x4 Record was successfully deleted
adRecIntegrityViolation 0x1000 Integrity constraints violation, record not saved
adRecInvalid 0x10 Bookmark is invalid, record not saved
adRecMaxChangesExceeded 0x2000 Too many pending changes, record not saved
adRecModified 0x2 Record was modified
adRecMultipleChanges 0x40 Record not saved because it would have affected other records
adRecNew 0x1 New record
adRecObjectOpen 0x4000 Conflict with open storage object, record not saved
adRecOK 0 Record was successfuly updated
adRecOutOfMemory 0x8000 Computer out of memory, record not saved
adRecPendingChanges 0x80 Due to pending insert, record not changed
adRecPermissionDenied 0x10000 User does not have permissions
adRecSchemaViolation 0x20000 Violation of underlying database, record not saved
adRecUnmodified 0x8 Record has not been changed


Do While Not rsGuruChants.EOF
   If rsGuruChants.Status = adRecModified Then
      Response.Write rsChants("ChantTitle") & VBCRLF
   End If

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