ADO » Recordset » MarshalOptions

MarshalOptionsEnum = recordsetobject.MarshalOptions
recordsetobject.MarshalOptions = MarshalOptionsEnum

Sets or returns a MarshalOptionEnum value that specifies which records are to betransferred (marshaled) back to the server.

The MarshalOptions property sets or returns one of the MarshalOptionsEnum constants that dictates whether all or just the modified records will be marshaled (transferred) from the client to the server. The default is to marshal all.

MarshalOptionsEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adMarshallAll 0 Returns all records to the server
adMarshallModifiedOnly 1 Return only modified records to the server


If objRecordset.MarshalOptions = adMarshallModifiedOnly Then
   MsgBox "Only Modified Records Were Returned to Server", vbOK
   MsgBox "All Records Were Returned to Server", vbOK
End If

In this example, only the first five records are returned even though the query string selects all records in the table.

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