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recordsetobject.CancelBatch  AffectRecords
The optional AffectRecords parameter is one of the AffectEnum constants that specifies which records are to be affected.

Used to cancel a pending batch update.You must be in batch update mode.

The CancelBatch method is called to cancel a pending batch update. The Recordset must be in batch update mode, otherwise an error will occur.

Since you cannot predict what the current record will be after calling this property, you will need to move to a known record. For example, you could call the MoveFirst method, after the call to the CancelBatch method is completed.

If the attempt to cancel the pending updates fails, the provider does not halt execution, but it will send warnings to the Errors Collection. Therefore you should always check the Errors Collection after the call to the CancelBatch method is completed.

There is one optional parameter.

AffectEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adAffectAll 3 Cancels all pending updates including those hidden by a filter
adAffectAllChapters 4 Cancels all pending updates in all child (chapter) recordsets
adAffectCurrent 1 Cancels only the current record
adAffectGroup 2 Cancels updates only on records that passed through the filter in effect


If MsgBox("Batch Save All Changes", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then
   MsgBox "All Changes Updated"
   MsgBox "All Changes Cancelled"
End If

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