ADO » Recordset » CacheSize

long = recordsetobject.CacheSize
recordsetobject.CacheSize = long

Sets or returns a long value that is the number of records that are cached or are allowed to be cached.

The CacheSize property sets or returns a long value that defines how many records can be stored in the local cache for the client. As you navigate through the Recordset, the cache will be continually refreshed. You can change the CacheSize any time the Recordset exists, but the contents in the cache will not be changed until the next retrieval from the database.

The default value is one record which means that only one record is fetched and cached at a time. For a large database, this is not too efficient and a larger value (especially in the 10 to 100 range) will speed up operations. On the negative side, records stored in a cache may not reflect real-time underlying changes being made to the database by other users. For example, your cache could contain records that have been recently deleted. Therefore, you may need to regularly call the Resync method which will also update the cache.

A cache size of zero is not permitted and will generate an error.


rsChantList.CacheSize = 12

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