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Version: 2.5

recordobject.DeleteRecord Source, Async
The optional Source parameter is a string that is the URL of the file or directory that is to be copied. If you do not provide a value or provide the empty string, the default value will be the file or directory where the referenced Record object resides.
The optional Async parameter is a Boolean value. If True, the operation can be asynchronous. If False, which is the default, the operation is synchronous.

Deletes a file, or a directory and all of its contents.After such a delete, you need to close the Record object.

The DeleteRecord method is used to delete a file or a directory and all of its subdirectories.

You are strongly advised to close the affected Record immediately after calling a DeleteRecord. This will prevent any future operations performed by the provider from causing unpredictable behavior before the next update.

There are two optional parameters.


objRecord.DeleteRecord strSourceURL, True

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