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Version: 2.5

variant or string = recordobject.ActiveConnection

Sets or returns a variant value defining the Connection object to which the Record object belongs (or a string value if there is no connection).

recordobject.ActiveConnection = string

The ActiveConnection property sets or returns a string definition for a connection if the connection is closed, or returns a variant that is a reference to an open Connection object. This allows you to determine which Connection object will be used by a Command object to execute a command query, or to which Connection object that a Recordset object will be applied (opened).

The default is a null reference object.

You can also use the ActiveConnection parameter of the Open method of the Record object to set this property. When a Record is opened from an already existing Record or Recordset, it will automatically be set to the Connection object associated with the Record or Recordset. Similarly, when a Record object is opened from a URL, a Connection object is implicitly set.


objRecord.ActiveConnection = strConnection

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