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DataTypeEnum = parameterobject.Type

Sets or returns a DataTypeEnum value that specifies the data type.

The Type property sets or returns a DataTypeEnum value which is the data type or operational type of the Parameter object. This property is read/write.
Unfortunately, some providers may not support all of the possible data types. If a provider encounters a data type that it does not recognize, it will usually change it to a data type that it does recognize.
DataTypeEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adArray 0x2000 Combine with another data type to indicate that the other data type is an array
adBigInt 20 8-byte signed integer
adBinary 128 Binary
adBoolean 11 True or false Boolean
adBSTR 8 Null-terminated character string
adChapter 136 4-byte chapter value for a child recordset
adChar 129 String
adCurrency 6 Currency format
adDate 7 Number of days since 12/30/1899
adDBDate 133 YYYYMMDD date format
adDBFileTime 137 Database file time
adDBTime 134 HHMMSS time format
adDBTimeStamp 135 YYYYMMDDHHMMSS date/time format
adDecimal 14 Number with fixed precision and scale
adDouble 5 Double precision floating-point
adEmpty 0 no value
adError 10 32-bit error code
adFileTime 64 Number of 100-nanosecond intervals since 1/1/1601
adGUID 72 Globally unique identifier
adIDispatch 9 Currently not supported by ADO
adInteger 3 4-byte signed integer
adIUnknown 13 Currently not supported by ADO
adLongVarBinary 205 Long binary value
adLongVarChar 201 Long string value
adLongVarWChar 203 Long Null-terminates string value
adNumeric 131 Number with fixed precision and scale
adPropVariant 138 PROPVARIANT automation
adSingle 4 Single-precision floating-point value
adSmallInt 2 2-byte signed integer
adTinyInt 16 1-byte signed integer
adUnsignedBigInt 21 8-byte unsigned integer
adUnsignedInt 19 4-byte unsigned integer
adUnsignedSmallInt 18 2-byte unsigned integer
adUnsignedTinyInt 17 1-byte unsigned integer
adUserDefined 132 User-defined variable
adVarBinary 204 Binary value
adVarChar 200 String
adVariant 12 Automation variant
adVarNumeric 139 Variable width exact numeric with signed scale
adVarWChar 202 Null-terminated Unicode character string
adWChar 130 Null-terminated Unicode character string


Set objParameter = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Parameter")

objParameter.Type = adInteger
objParameter.Size = 3
objParameter.Direction = adParamInput
objParameter.Value = intCount

objCommand.Parameters.Append objParameter

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