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Version: 2.5

The Resync method is used to refetch the data from the underlying data source and to update (resynchronize) the values in the OriginalValue, UnderlyingValue, and Value properties of Field objects that are in the Fields Collection object of a Record object, or just to update the UnderlyingValue property.

The effect of calling this method will depend on the value of the Status for each Field object. For example, Field objects with an adFieldPendingUnknown or adFieldPendingInsert status are not affected by calling this method.

This method has one optional parameter.
ResyncEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adResyncAllValues 2 Default, can overwrite all values, and pending updates are cancelled
adResyncUnderlyingValues 1 Can only overwrite underlying values, and pending updates are not cancelled


objRecord.Fields.Resync adResyncUnderlyingValues