ADO » Field » UnderlyingValue

Variant = fieldobject.UnderlyingValue

Returns a variant that is the current field value as stored in the database.

The UnderlyingValue property returns a variant that is the current value of the Field object as stored in the cursor. It is referred to as the underlying value, because the value you are viewing may not necessarily show changes made by other users and may not be the latest value. The value returned by the UnderlyingValue property will reflect all of the changes made in the current record for the specified Field. This can be very useful for resolving conflicts between changes made by you and other users.
You can also use the Resync property of the Recordset object to get the latest values for all of the Field objects in the Fields Collection.
If you need the original value, you can obtain it by using the OriginalValue property.


For Each objField In rsData.Fields
   Response.Write objField.OriginalValue & VBCRLF
   Response.Write objField.UnderlyingValue & VBCRLF
   Response.Write objField.Value & VBCRLF

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