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FieldStatusEnum = fieldobject.Status

Returns a FieldStatusEnum value that allows you to determine if a field has beensuccessfully added.

The Status property returns a FieldStatusEnum value that describes the current status of a Field object. The default is adFieldOK.
Pending updates, such as additions and deletions to the Fields Collection, are cached until the Update method of the Record object is called. The Status property allows you to find out if any pending updates have been done and whether or not the attempt was successful. If the update failed, an error is returned and is combined with the FieldStatusEnum value. The combined value is returned by the Status property.
With ADO 2.6 the Status property is now filled with information to help with the 'Errors Ocurred' error.
FieldStatusEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adFieldAlreadyExists 26 Specified field already exists
adFieldBadStatus 12 Invalid Status value
adFieldCannotComplete 20 Server could not complete operation
adFieldCannotDeleteSource 23 Tree or subtree was moved but cannot delete source
adFieldCantConvertValue 2 Field cannot be retrieved or stored without data loss
adFieldCantCreate 7 Field cannot be added because exceeded provider limitations
adFieldFieldDataOverflow 6 Data overflowed data type
adFieldDefault 13 Default value was used
adFieldDoesNotExist 16 Specified field does not exist
adFieldIgnore 15 No data value was set by provider
adFieldIntegrityViolation 10 Calculated or derived field cannot be modified
adFieldInvalidURL 17 URL contains invalid characters
adFieldIsNull 3 Null value returned by provider
adFieldOK 0 Field was successfully changed
adFieldOutOfSpace 22 Not enough storage space
adFieldPendingChange 0x40000 Field has been deleted then re-added
adFieldPendingDelete 0x20000 Field will be deleted when Update is called
adFieldPendingInsert 0x10000 Field will be inserted when Update is called
adFieldPendingUnknown 0x80000 Unknown operation set Status
adFieldPendingUnknownDelete 0x100000 Unknown operation set Status and field will be deleted when Update is called
adFieldPermissionDenied 9 Field is read-only and cannot be changed
adFieldReadOnly 24 Field is defined by data source as read-only
adFieldResourcesExists 19 Already exists and cannot overwrite
adFieldResourcesLocked 18 Data source is currently locked
adFieldResourcesOutOfScope 25 Destination URL is out of scope
adFieldSchemaViolation 11 Data source schema contraints have been violated
adFieldSignMismatch 5 ADO field value is unsigned and provider data value was signed
adFieldTruncated 4 Variable-length data was truncated
adFieldUnavailable 8 Cannot determine value from data source
adFieldVolumeNotFound 21 Provider cannot find storage volume specified by URL


If rsData.Fields("SocialSecurityNum").Status = adFieldPermissionDenied Then
End If

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