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fieldobject.AppendChunk (Data)
The Data parameter is a variant that is the binary or text data that you want to add to the Field object.

Used to append a large amount (i.e., a large chunk) of text or binary data to a Field object.

The AppendChunk method is used to append binary or text data to a Field object. To use the AppendChunk method, the adFldLong constant of the Attributes property of the specified Field object must be set to true.
This method and the companion GetChunk method allow you to manipulate databases that contain, for example, large text files or images.
The first time that you call AppendChunk, the data is not appended, but rather, it overwrites any existing data in the Field object. The second time that you call AppendChunk, the data is appended to the existing data. All subsequent calls will also append the data. However, if you set or read the value of another Field, then go back to the first Field, and call AppendChunk, the call will be treated as a first call and the data will overwrite rather than being appended.
You can use this method to pass large amounts of data into a Field object in reasonable sized blocks.


rsData(strFieldName).AppendChunk varChunk

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