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long = errorobject.HelpContext

Returns a long value that is the context ID in the help file (if it exists) for the error.

The HelpContext property returns a long value that is the context ID of a topic in a Windows help system.
The companion HelpFile property returns a string that is the path and file name of the help file in a Windows help system.
Both of these properties allow you to interact with the Microsoft Windows help system. This involves calling the Windows API Help functions. If you do not have such access, the HelpContext property returns zero and the HelpFile property returns the empty string "".


For Each objError in objConnection
   ErrorInfo = "Description; " & objError.Description & VBCRLF &_
      "Help Context: " & objError.HelpContext & VBCRLF &_
      "Help File: " & objError.HelpFile & VBCRLF &_
      "Native Error: " & objError.NativeError & VBCRLF &_
      "Number: " & objError.Number & VBCRLF &_
      "Source: " & objError.Source & VBCRLF &_
      "SQL State: " & objError.SQLState & VBCRLF

   Response.Write ErrorInfo

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