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variant = dataspaceobject.CreateObject (ProgID, Connection)
The ProgID parameter is a string that is the program ID of the object to be created. This can be either the default server program (RDSServer.DataFactory) or a suitable custom COM object of your choice.
The Connection parameter is a string that defines the connection details, such as the URL of the Web server or the computer name in a local area network (LAN). For an in-process component object, such as a DLL (dynamic-link library), this parameter is set to the empty string "".

Creates and returns a pointer to the proxy (a client-side interface-specific object) that is used to marshal (transfer) data between the client and server.

The CreateObject method is called to create the proxy (an interface-specific object on the client-side) that is used to communicate with the corresponding stub (an interface-specific object on the server-side) to marshal (transfer) data between the client and server, and vice-versa. This process also involves instantiation of either the default server program (RDSServer.DataFactory) or a similar custom server program on the server-side. After the server program is instantiated, a reference to the server program, or to the proxy, is returned. Note that for an in-process component object, a proxy is not required since a network is not required.

There are two mandatory parameters.


Set objDataFactory = objRDS.CreateObject("RDSServer.DataFactory", strConnURL)
Dim objRecordset
Set objRecordset = objDataFactory.Query(StrConnection, strQuery)

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