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string = datafactoryobject.ConvertToString
The Recordset parameter is the ADO Recordset object to be converted.

Converts a Recordset object into a MIME (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension) string.

The ConvertToString method is used to convert a Recordset object into a
MIME64 encoded string.

You can use this method with ASP to embed the resulting MIME string
in an HTML page on the server-side for transport to the client's machine.
Unfortunately, large data sets can take a long time to transport over HTTP.
It is best to use ASP versions 2.0 or later since
earlier versions of ASP impose a 32K size restriction on the MIME string.

On the client-side, you can use Remote Data Service to convert the MIME string back into
a Recordset object.
However, this will fail if you have more than 400 rows of data.

Since the advent of ADO version 2.0, there are better ways than using MIME to transport data from the server to
the client and, as a consequence, the ConvertToString method should be considered antiquated.
For example, the RDS DataFactory and DataSpace objects allow you to marshal (transfer)
data between the server and the client, and vice-versa.

There is one mandatory parameter.



Set objDataFactory = objRDS.CreateObject("RDSServer.DataFactory", strConnURL)


Dim objRecordsetToConvert

Set objRecordsetToConvert = objDataFactory.Query(strConnection, strQuery)

strConvert = objDataFactory.ConvertToString(objRecordsetToConvert)

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