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datacontrolobject. Reset BooleanValue
The optional BooleanValue parameter is a Boolean value of either True or False. The default is True which specifies that the filter is applied to the current data (which may have already undergone multiple filtering). A value of False specifies that the filter is applied to the original (unfiltered) data.

Used to sort and filter data in a client-side Recordset object.

The Reset method is called to execute either a filter or a sort on a client-side Recordset object. All pending changes to the Recordset must first be saved before calling Reset or the call will fail.

You can create a filter string using the FilterColumn, FilterCriterion, and the FilterValue properties. You can specify the column to be sorted and whether the sort order is be ascending or descending by using the SortColumn and SortDirection properties.

There is one optional parameter.


objDataControl.FilterColumn = strFilCol
objDataControl.FilterCriterion = strFilCrit
objDataControl.FilterValue = strFilVal
objDataControl.SortColumn = strSortCol
objDataControl.SortDirection = False

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