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adcExecuteOptionEnum = datacontrolobject.ExecuteOptions
datacontrolobject.ExecuteOptions = adcExecuteOptionEnum

Sets or returns whether an asynchronous execution is enabled. An asynchronous execution allows control to go back immediately to the calling program.

The ExecuteOptions property sets or returns one of the adcExecuteOptionEnum constants that specifies whether the execution of a query will be asynchronous or synchronous.

An asynchronous execution returns control to the calling program as soon as the query has been sent to the data server. A synchronous execution does not return control until the query action is completed.

You can use the FetchOptions property to specify exactly when control will be returned to the calling program for an asynchronous fetch.

adcExecuteOptionEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adcExecAsync 2 Default, executes asynchronously
adcExecSync 1 Executes synchronously

You can create a form on a Web page to input values for the various DataControl properties and use Request.Form( ) to assign the values.


objDC.ExecuteOptions = Request.Form("ExecuteOptions")
objDC.FetchOptions = Request.Form("FetchOptions")
objDC.InternetTimeout = Request.Form("InternetTimeout")
objDC.Server = Request.Form("Server.Value")
objDC.SourceRecordset = Request.Form("SourceRecordset")
objDC.SQL = Request.Form("SQL")
objDC.URL = Request.Form("URL")
objDC.Connect = Request.Form("Connect")

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