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IsolationLevelEnum = connectionobject.IsolationLevel
connectionobject.IsolationLevel = IsolationLevelEnum

Sets or returns the transaction isolation level (the IsolationLevelEnum value) of a Connection object.

The IsolationLevel property is the level of transaction isolation for a Connection object. The purpose of the isolation level is to define how other transactions can interact with your transactions, and vice versa. For example, can you see changes in other transactions before or after they are committed? This property only goes into effect after you make a BeginTrans method call.
This property sets or returns an IsolationLevelEnum value. If the requested level is not available, the provider may be able to set the IsolationLevel to the next higher level.
IsolationLevelEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adXactUnspecified -1 Cannot use the provided isolation level and cannot determine the isolation level
adXactChaos 16 Cannot overwrite higher level transactions
adXactBrowse 256 Allows you to view uncommitted changes in other transactions
adXactReadUncommitted 256 Same as adXactBrowse
adXactCursorStability 4096 Allows you to view changes in other transactions only after they are committed
adXactReadCommitted 4096 Same as adXactCursorStability
adXactRepeatableRead 65536 Cannot see changes made in other transactions, but allows you to requery
adXactIsolated 1048576 Your transactions are completely isolated from all other transactions
adXactSerializable 1048576 Same as adXactIsolated


Set objConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
objConnection.Mode = adModeRead
objConnection.IsolationLevel = adXactIsolated
objConnection.Open strConnect

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