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Disconnect adStatus, pConnection
The adStatus parameter is normally set to the adStatusOK value of the EventStatusEnum constants.
The pConnection parameter is the Connection object that is associated with this event.

After a disconnection, you can call this event to provide information on the success of the disconnection.

The Disconnect event can be fired after a connection ends. This event is one of three connection management events that can be called. The other two are ConnectComplete and WillConnect.
An event is simply a subroutine that can be called automatically after a specific operation has occurred. This subroutine can contain any code that you need to run when the event occurs. The subroutine will only be called if it is included in your code. Future calls to the event subroutine can be cancelled by setting the adStatus parameter to be the adStatusUnwantedEvent constant (see table below) before the event returns.
There are two parameters that are passed to this event.
EventStatusEnum Constants

Constant Value Description
adStatusCancel 4 Cancels the operation that fired the event
adStatusCantDeny 3 Cannot cancel pending operation
adStatusErrorsOccurred 2 Indicates that warnings and/or errors occurred
adStatusOK 1 The operation that fired the event was successful
adStatusUnwantedEvent 5 The operation that generated the event cannot generate future events


' Use the WithEvents keyword to designate that events
' can be handled by this Connection object
Dim WithEvents objConn As ADODB.Connection

' Note how the object name, objConn, is incorporated into the event Sub name
Private Sub objConn_Disconnect( adStatus As ADODB.EventStatusEnum, _
   ByVal pConnection As ADODB.Connection )

' place any code you desire here, for example
If adStatus = adStatusOK Then
   Print "The disconnect was successful"
   Print "The disconnect status is " & adStatus
End If

End Sub

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