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Implementing Fingerprint Sensor in APPs

We know, using FingerPrint access for doors and vaults is a highly secure option, to protect our belongings. Now the same means of protection is available for our SmartPhones too!

RecyclerView - Simple, Using CardView

RecyclerView is the advanced technique in displaying a list or tabular data. It is much flexible and efficient as compared to the conventional ListView. In order to use RecyclerView, we have to declare the adapter and a layout manager.


CardView is a Material Design User Interface(UI) widgets which is introduced by Android. It was introduced with the release of Android Lollipop. The CardView provides a flexible and advanced.

Custom Dialog Box

The dialog box is basically a pop-up window that appears on top of a layout. For example, when we are trying to delete a file, a confirmation screen will pop up to confirm our action.

Auto Place Listing Using Google

Are you building an app which needs dynamic listing of places? No need to go for any custom or conventional solutions, using country, places database. Just as in many other fields, Google has made our life easier.

ListView Widget

With the help of ListView, we can display a list of items in an easily scrollable manner. The adapter pulls the data (list) from any data source (array, xml etc) and convert each and every item to a view present in list.

AutoComplete TextView

The AutoComplete TextView is widget which shows suggestions while typing . The suggestions are listed in a dropdown list from which the users can select the desired suggestion.

Speech to Text

Usually, one can speak more than 100 words per minute but cannot type more than 50 words per minute. Android brings in the power of the speech to text feature, built into our smart phones.

Splash Screen

The Splash Screen is also referred as the Welcome Screen. Splash screens are usually used by substantially large apps so as to avoid a blank screen, while the app is loading.

Swipe to Refresh Layout

As the name says, SwipeRefreshLayout lets the users to reload the contents of the page just by swiping the screen down. If you have used Google Chrome or Gmail in your smart phones, you might have seen/used this feature.