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PHP Quick Reference

PHP is a powerful scripting language for creating dynamic websites. It has gained enormous popularity in the community as the free and efficient alternative to commercial competitors. Here is a comprehensive overview of the basics of PHP, covering all the important subjects, in the popular DevGuru Quick Reference format. PHP Intro.

T-SQL Quick Reference

T-SQL gets the DevGuru Quick Reference treatment! This is a comprehensive quick reference covering a wide range of topics, from the basic query operations, to more advanced features such as stored procedures, triggers, and views. T-SQL Intro.

The Guru Reviews PrimalScript 3.1

Having a full-featured editor that helps with the syntax of the language at hand is important for the efficiency of all developers. Most need to work with multiple languages and technologies in parallel, which makes tools that span a majority of these languages invaluable. Read full review.

New Tutorial — Simplify XML to Java Object Configuration using Jakarta Digester

An article by contributing author Vikas Pandya that explains how to use Jakarta Digester to help populate Java objects from XML on the fly. Be sure to check it out in the Tutorials Section.

The Guru Reviews SourceGear Vault

Vault, by SourceGear, is source code control software based on the new Microsoft .NET Framework. For anyone who uses Microsoft's competing product, SourceSafe, the interface will seem quite familiar. Vault also supports general features in the same way SourceSafe does - projects and folders are organized into a hierarchy, there are right-click menus for file operations like Get Latest Version, Check-In, and Check-Out, and features such as notes and history on Check-In and Check-Out. However, Vault does have an advantage over SourceSafe. Read the entire review here.

PDF Quick References

We have converted all of our popular Quick References into PDF format for convenient off-line viewing and printing. Each document has a comprehensive index to make finding the information you need even easier than ever. These valuable resources are now available for purchase for a small fee by clicking the link on the introduction page for each technology.